Engagement Photography in Memphis

My heartiest congratulations to all the couples who have been engaged recently and are preparing for their wedding! Being engaged is a life changing event. That is the moment you embark on a different but beautiful journey in life. From that moment onwards, we are not alone in facing whatever life throws at us, we have a partner who will share each and everything with us to create a beautiful life together.

So when you decide to record this momentous time in your life being engaged by taking photographs, it is a big decision choosing the right photographer. I am thankful that this couple chose me to be part of this important event and I loved doing this session.

The couple loved the photos so much that without me asking, they went online to various sites to give raving reviews for me! Usually we photographers have to request our clients to write reviews for us but I did not have to in this case! 

How do I approach engagement photos? It's simple. Make it fun and real. Do not forget that couples who are just engaged are the most happiest in the World! A photographer needs to show that happiness, the glow in the woman's face and the proudness of the man for getting an amazing girl to say yes. I do take some posed photographs but what I tell them is to show their love for each other on camera. 

The photos need to stand the test of time, be timeless and evergreen. My uniqueness in photography is that apart from beautiful compositions, my photos have that clean, airy and high quality look that the couples and their future generations have something beautiful and value to look back at. 

I work with the same passion and attention to detail with every client of mine. What makes me different as a photographer is me understanding the sense of responsibility that I am bestowed with so I am emotionally invested and become part of your life forever through my photos. 

If you are looking for a photographer in Memphis for your engagement, wedding or any other event, I want you to look at my work, read my blog and understand how I approach photography and my passion towards it. 

Creating Beautiful Portraits in Memphis

As a portrait & wedding photographer, I get to see and shoot at some beautiful locations around the country apart from exploring all the nice photo spots in my home city Memphis. 

As I wrote in a previous blog post, Memphis has some interesting locations but not as scenic as the ones you see in some picture perfect locations in the US. So what do you do when you have limited options available and still want to create breath-taking images without resorting to photoshop or using overlays? Bring your creative ideas out!

We have the famous Mississippi river flowing through our city and that is a great spot to take photos. Many Memphis wedding photographers and portrait photographers take their clients there for photo shoots. It is one of the most photographed spot in Memphis. 

When Viktoria, a model from Ukraine who moved to Memphis recently wanted a photo shoot scheduled, I decided to do it next to the river but wanted to shoot it around sunset. Here are couple of shots from that shoot. Talk to me if you are interested to have a similar photo shoot done for yourself. 

Are You Looking for a Photographer in Memphis?

Apart from being a Memphis Wedding Photographer, I also specialize in portraits. If you are looking for a photographer in Memphis, do check out my work. 

Choosing the right photographer might sound complicated but it is quite easy to decide. When looking at a photographer's portfolio, just ask yourself these two simple questions Can this photo be shot by a cell phone? Is this photograph worthy being on a wall or a magazine?

Lets talk about outdoor portraits. Many hobbyists sell their services as a professional to make some extra money and you can see it from their work. Their work tries too hard to be "cool" and they beat to death all the tricks a DSLR has, like long exposure with light trails. It takes nothing expect keeping a very low shutter speed and clicking the shutter button. The other photographs these hobbyists love are of a nice background with a bokeh but the subject is completely dark and in shadows. They pass it off as artistic. What it means is the photographer hasn't managed to expose the subject and the background evenly. Not all such shots are bad and much of natural light photography can be and is beautiful but when choosing a photographer, you need one who can take shots professionally, not as a hobbyist. 


Coming to studio portraits, a professional photographer knows how to work with light, how to shape them, how to control them, how to measure them etc. A non-professional will just point a few lights at you and hope for a good result. You don't need that. Photography takes high skills. When choosing a plumber, electrician or a mechanic, you want to make sure they know their jobs and won't waste your money, so why not take the same caution with photography? 

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer or Portrait Photographer in Memphis and around, speak to me! 

Revisiting a 2016 Wedding at the Balinese Ball Room in Memphis.

While I was going through my old folders, I came across this wedding I shot in April 2016 and thought it would be interesting to write about this wedding.

This was one of my favorite weddings.  Both the bride and groom and their families are some of the most amazing people ever. I don't think at any other wedding did the bride, groom, their mothers and fathers, friends all came up to me at regular intervals to ask me if I had eaten something, would I want to take a break or do I need anything to drink. One of them even made me stop shooting and watched me while I ate something! 

As a wedding photographer, this was a tough one. Balinese Ball Room in Memphis is pretty but a photographer's nightmare. Usually photographers prefer something with white walls and ceilings to reflect light off or a brightly lit place. This was neither. 

Photographers mostly post outdoor photos of weddings in their portfolio but rarely of such indoor photos. That's because many of them shoot without lights and some of them don't even know how to use a flash! What happens if you shoot without any lights with high ISO and wide aperture is the danger of having grainy and out of focus photos. Of course, there are many great photographers who are capable of handling such locations so you must make sure that you hire only those. 

So when I went to scout this location a few days before the wedding, I realized that just having my on camera flash isn't going to cut it and I needed some off camera flashes around too. I prepare my lighting plan and go to the wedding with the equipment required. It was a good idea to have done that scout a few days before and here are a couple of photos from that wedding! 


Location Ideas for Wedding and Portrait Photographers in Memphis

Memphis is a beautiful city. It has charm and character which is distinct from most other cities in the US. Yes, cities like NYC, San Francisco etc have beautiful skylines and other magnificent locations but here in Memphis, there is an old world and laid back appeal. 

Famous movies like The Firm, The Rain Maker, Cast Away, The Client etc have either featured this city in part or have been set in it. 

For photographers who are on the look out for beautiful locations in this city, there are some amazing choices. I will keep updating the list once in a while with photos that have been shot with the city scape as backdrop. If you have any suggestions, feel free to add them to the comments of this post.


Beale Street - I recently photographed this portrait at the famous Beale Street of Memphis. There are some amazing spots in and around this street that photographers can use! 

Beale Street - I recently photographed this portrait at the famous Beale Street of Memphis. There are some amazing spots in and around this street that photographers can use! 

Difference Between Taking a Picture and Making a Photograph

As a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Memphis, I am constantly asked what makes me stand out from others. I tell them that I create photographs, just not take pictures. Anyone can take pictures. Give someone a decent camera, set it to auto, take them to some nice location, preferably during sunset and all they have to do is press the shutter button and you will have pictures. If they are lucky, some might turn out to be good too.  But photography is not about relying on luck. The process of photography is much more than that. It involves composition, technical knowledge that will not rely on the computer in the camera which more often than not will screw up the photos, lighting skills so you don't have underexposed or overexposed photos with blown up backgrounds, editing knowledge and a lot more. It is not so simple as pressing a button. 

Here are some of my photos from a recent session. We had to shoot in bright hot sun during one part of the shoot and the second part was at night. Memphis has some beautiful locations but the downtown area of Memphis has been over used in photography. So I had the additional challenge of my frames not looking like a million other photos shot there. I used an off camera flash which was held by an assistant in all these photos.