As a portrait & wedding photographer, I get to see and shoot at some beautiful locations around the country apart from exploring all the nice photo spots in my home city Memphis. 

As I wrote in a previous blog post, Memphis has some interesting locations but not as scenic as the ones you see in some picture perfect locations in the US. So what do you do when you have limited options available and still want to create breath-taking images without resorting to photoshop or using overlays? Bring your creative ideas out!

We have the famous Mississippi river flowing through our city and that is a great spot to take photos. Many Memphis wedding photographers and portrait photographers take their clients there for photo shoots. It is one of the most photographed spot in Memphis. 

When Viktoria, a model from Ukraine who moved to Memphis recently wanted a photo shoot scheduled, I decided to do it next to the river but wanted to shoot it around sunset. Here are couple of shots from that shoot. Talk to me if you are interested to have a similar photo shoot done for yourself.