As a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Memphis, I am constantly asked what makes me stand out from others. I tell them that I create photographs, just not take pictures. Anyone can take pictures. Give someone a decent camera, set it to auto, take them to some nice location, preferably during sunset and all they have to do is press the shutter button and you will have pictures. If they are lucky, some might turn out to be good too.  But photography is not about relying on luck. The process of photography is much more than that. It involves composition, technical knowledge that will not rely on the computer in the camera which more often than not will screw up the photos, lighting skills so you don't have underexposed or overexposed photos with blown up backgrounds, editing knowledge and a lot more. It is not so simple as pressing a button. 

Here are some of my photos from a recent session. We had to shoot in bright hot sun during one part of the shoot and the second part was at night. Memphis has some beautiful locations but the downtown area of Memphis has been over used in photography. So I had the additional challenge of my frames not looking like a million other photos shot there. I used an off camera flash which was held by an assistant in all these photos.