There are many wonderful wedding photographers in Memphis. If you are at a stage where you are looking at Photographers for your special day, you have a lot of choice in this city. But before you go ahead and sign the contract, make sure you do a little bit more research about the photographer you are hiring. Don't be afraid to ask questions.


A professional should be skilled and well versed with all the technical aspects of photography apart from being creative. Photography is all about manipulating light. The photographer must know how to work with flash (both on-camera and off-camera) and be ready to shoot in any challenging environment.

If someone says they are natural light photographers and don't use flash, what they really might mean is they don't really know much photography or too lazy to learn about it. Again, it is different if someone has the knowledge of how to operate lights but chooses not to due to creative reasons but someone who calls himself/herself a professional wedding photographer and doesn't have a clue is someone you have to be wary about. Lets see, would you be willing to fly in an aircraft with a "clear-weather only" pilot who does not know how to operate a plane in rain? 


There are many situations which might potentially arise and hoping that the situations would perfectly suit your "natural light photographer" is totally a big gamble. 

Wedding Photography is not cheap. People spend thousands of dollars on it. So make sure you look at the complete portfolio of your wedding photographer before hiring. There is a reason many of them only post the outdoor photos shot in day light and rarely anything indoors. Ask to see the complete wedding galleries which include all the photos shot, the ceremony (if it is indoors), reception etc so you will get a better idea about the skills of the photographer. If you do this, you will not end up with 395 out of focus photos or under exposed photos of your ceremony and reception and just 5 beautiful photos shot outside.


I have seen a few couples who were left with nothing of their precious moments because they decided to work with that new but "talented" photographer who charged way less than others and that new photographer, instead of learning and mastering the art of photography, was too eager to make some easy money at the expense of someone's memories of a lifetime. One more thing, those photographers don't even have liability insurance so even if you sue for bad photos, you don't get anything back.