My latest assignment was for Freedom Preparatory Academy, a Memphis based charter school. Some of their teachers are being featured in a print ad in a national teachers magazine and I was selected by them to shoot that image.

They wanted the photo to be set outside the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. I decided that I will have to do something different for this shoot. I wanted to portray the strength, dedication and courage of these teachers who are serving our country by educating our future generations and decided that I would pose them differently than a normal group photo. Here is the result.


Apart from the above shoot, I was again hired by Freedom Prep to shoot photos of their various schools and students to update their website / marketing material. Working with kids is an experience and hundreds of them is a unique experience. For one day, I was inspired by the happiness, smiles and energy of those school kids and I am thankful that I got this opportunity.


As a photographer, my job is not just to photograph but to conceptualize and create unique imagery and ideas.