While I was going through my old folders, I came across this wedding I shot in April 2016 and thought it would be interesting to write about this wedding.

This was one of my favorite weddings.  Both the bride and groom and their families are some of the most amazing people ever. I don't think at any other wedding did the bride, groom, their mothers and fathers, friends all came up to me at regular intervals to ask me if I had eaten something, would I want to take a break or do I need anything to drink. One of them even made me stop shooting and watched me while I ate something! 

As a wedding photographer, this was a tough one. Balinese Ball Room in Memphis is pretty but a photographer's nightmare. Usually photographers prefer something with white walls and ceilings to reflect light off or a brightly lit place. This was neither. 

Photographers mostly post outdoor photos of weddings in their portfolio but rarely of such indoor photos. That's because many of them shoot without lights and some of them don't even know how to use a flash! What happens if you shoot without any lights with high ISO and wide aperture is the danger of having grainy and out of focus photos. Of course, there are many great photographers who are capable of handling such locations so you must make sure that you hire only those. 

So when I went to scout this location a few days before the wedding, I realized that just having my on camera flash isn't going to cut it and I needed some off camera flashes around too. I prepare my lighting plan and go to the wedding with the equipment required. It was a good idea to have done that scout a few days before and here are a couple of photos from that wedding!