Apart from being a Memphis Wedding Photographer, I also specialize in portraits. If you are looking for a photographer in Memphis, do check out my work. 

Choosing the right photographer might sound complicated but it is quite easy to decide. When looking at a photographer's portfolio, just ask yourself these two simple questions. Can this photo be shot by a cell phone? Is this photograph worthy being on a wall or a magazine?

Lets talk about outdoor portraits. Many hobbyists sell their services as a professional to make some extra money and you can see it from their work. Their work tries too hard to be "cool" and they beat to death all the tricks a DSLR has, like long exposure with light trails. It takes nothing expect keeping a very low shutter speed and clicking the shutter button. The other photographs these hobbyists love are of a nice background with a bokeh but the subject is completely dark and in shadows. They pass it off as artistic. What it means is the photographer hasn't managed to expose the subject and the background evenly. Not all such shots are bad and much of natural light photography can be and is beautiful but when choosing a photographer, you need one who can take shots professionally, not as a hobbyist. 


Coming to studio portraits, a professional photographer knows how to work with light, how to shape them, how to control them, how to measure them etc. A non-professional will just point a few lights at you and hope for a good result. You don't need that. Photography takes high skills. When choosing a plumber, electrician or a mechanic, you want to make sure they know their jobs and won't waste your money, so why not take the same caution with photography? 

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