Senior Photography is all about celebrating an important milestone of our life. This is a year where everything is about to change and one makes some pretty important decisions. This is the last year of your high school before you get ready to jump into college which is a different world altogether. This is the last year you stay at home before moving out (for many). This is the last year you will spend with your friends and class mates of over a decade and soon will have new ones. This is the time that your parents want to cling on to forever but cannot. 

That's the reason many want to document this stage of life with beautiful photographs. We want to be reminded of our beautiful memories to help us keep going on in our pursuit of making more memories. 


For such an important task, you need a photographer who is skilled, understands the emotions and importance of this event. How do you know who is the right photographer? Start with looking at their complete portfolio. Does the photographer's style resonates with what you are looking for? Is his/her portrait work amazing and stunning or just mediocre? Yes, better photographers charge more but many times, even those good photographers will be willing to work in your budget if you show the enthusiasm and convey the importance of that photographer being the one to document your senior photos. 

Another important part is to read the reviews on the web about the photographers. What were the experiences of people who worked with him? Do you know anyone in your social circle or family who has worked with that photographer? Speak to them. 

Then meet the photographer in person. Talk to him/her about your ideas and listen to what the photographer has to offer. Finally, just go with your gut feel. 


If you are looking for a senior photographer, I welcome you to look at my portfolio on my website. I am a professional portrait and wedding photographer based in Memphis and would love to meet you and discuss with you more about your senior photography!