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Weddings, Weddings and More Weddings!


This October has been a very busy month with wedding shoots! As a wedding photographer, you get to participate in so many wonderful events of people's lives. Photographing a wedding is hard work. Eight to ten hours of continuous work, often lugging around heavy equipment, making sure never to miss those important moments and at the same time, create stunning photographs that will be part of someone's history forever. What wedding photographers do is not just take photos, they create heirlooms.

What makes us go through these tough working hours is the connection we make with our clients, the bride and groom. Throughout the booking process, consultations etc, they become our friends and get emotionally invested in their special day. When the wedding day arrives, it does not feel we are working but rather that we are capturing the most special event of our friends and having fun while doing it! All of my wedding clients have been amazing and became wonderful friends, from my first wedding client Nicole to my latest, Anna and Andrew! 

Last month, I have been fortunate to shoot many weddings, including being the second shooter for one wedding with Nashville photographer Laurie. They all have been wonderful! I wish all of those amazing people a happy life ahead! 

What a Photographer Should Not Miss in a Wedding.

What a Photographer Should Not Miss in a Wedding.

A Wedding is the most important day for any couple. That is the day when two people become one and look forward to living their whole life together. Sometimes couples spend years and all their life savings planning for this big day so we can understand how critical it is to get everything right on this occasion.