My heartiest congratulations to all the couples who have been engaged recently and are preparing for their wedding! Being engaged is a life changing event. That is the moment you embark on a different but beautiful journey in life. From that moment onwards, we are not alone in facing whatever life throws at us, we have a partner who will share each and everything with us to create a beautiful life together.

So when you decide to record this momentous time in your life being engaged by taking photographs, it is a big decision choosing the right photographer. I am thankful that this couple chose me to be part of this important event and I loved doing this session.

The couple loved the photos so much that without me asking, they went online to various sites to give raving reviews for me! Usually we photographers have to request our clients to write reviews for us but I did not have to in this case! 

How do I approach engagement photos? It's simple. Make it fun and real. Do not forget that couples who are just engaged are the most happiest in the World! A photographer needs to show that happiness, the glow in the woman's face and the proudness of the man for getting an amazing girl to say yes. I do take some posed photographs but what I tell them is to show their love for each other on camera. 

The photos need to stand the test of time, be timeless and evergreen. My uniqueness in photography is that apart from beautiful compositions, my photos have that clean, airy and high quality look that the couples and their future generations have something beautiful and value to look back at. 

I work with the same passion and attention to detail with every client of mine. What makes me different as a photographer is me understanding the sense of responsibility that I am bestowed with so I am emotionally invested and become part of your life forever through my photos. 

If you are looking for a photographer in Memphis for your engagement, wedding or any other event, I want you to look at my work, read my blog and understand how I approach photography and my passion towards it.